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About Lori Greene
Lori Greene: Mosaic Artist and Sculptor


I was thinking about the role of women. This is from two Manet paintings. One is the two men in suits, on a picnic with a nude woman ("The Luncheon on the Grass"). The other is a nude woman, a prostitute, being served by a maid ("Olympia").
She’s powerful and powerless at the same time. That’s the role of women, isn’t it?

the missing feet: I think it’s significant, but I don’t know. There’s no escape.

the bird on her hand: It just needed to be there. It wouldn’t go on the head. I tried it, numerous times.

About Me, Lori Greene

My personal work draws inspiration from both African and traditional Native American culture. Both reflect my ethnic heritage. My art school training is in textiles and I continue to incorporate patterns and texture in my work. It is deeply personal, spiritual and process based. I create images that are about strength, power and memory.

I have a BFA in textile arts from the California College of Arts and Crafts and a MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. My work has been shown through out the United States. More details about my career as an artist can be found on my bio page.